While studying for my Bachelor’s degree in business management, I saved enough money to buy and renovate my first home.  Intrigued by the process, I took several continuing education classes in real estate and then decided to become a realtor. At about that time, the real estate market collapsed, so I instead spent time traveling, rock climbing and pursuing graduate studies both in Boulder, Colorado and abroad.  Ultimately, I finished my Masters degree from Middlesex University in London, England, and immediately returned to Boulder and started working.

Realizing that I never lost my passion for real estate, and with a recovering real estate market, I threw myself back into the game, getting my broker’s license while buying and renovating more properties.   This did not come as a surprise to anyone, since my parents were real estate brokers since before my birth and both my grandfathers were active real estate investors.  ‘The writing was on the wall,’ as they say; the die was cast!

Being a realtor for me is like being a match-maker; I get to connect people with the right homes and investments.  Please let me know how I can be of service to you.